Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anna, damn her!

Anadama bread tonight - the story goes that a farmer came home from a long day, expecting his dinner made for him. Instead, his wife had gone out, and the cupboards were bare, with the exception of a few things: corn meal, whole wheat flour, molasses, salt & butter. So he threw together some bread, all the while shaking his fist and murmuring "Anna, damn her!"

Two loaves of Anadama bread, to go with some amazing stout beer:

And then soup! Porcini and leek soup, filled with cottage cheese dumplings, and then I added parsnips. The dumplings aren't quite as splendid as those my Grandma Zola used to make in this amazing milky sauce. These are cooked slightly more, and browned. One day, I'll tackle Grandma Zola's, because these were a hit with both myself and John.

Oh, and I got a mom haircut. I didn't mean to, but the girl took 4 inches off? It was cute yesterday, but today, a mom haircut. Don't be fooled by the smile. Kitty was being cute.

And then Kitty let us know that he approves of the new chair. We decided we need the ottoman, too, for naps, even though it's outrageously priced, which John might go pick up tomorrow. Then we put some of the wedding pictures up, with the frames that Dad chose. They're so beautiful.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! I love the bread's name. Pics look lovely on the wall and I don't think the hair is "Mom" at all. Wanna see a mom cut? Look at my mobile uploads from last year sometime or any of the pics from when we were at your place over Memorial Day weekend. HAven't had it cut since. Maybe this week.... (note: I say that every week)

Malia said...

Can you post some of the wedding pics?

Erin Stocks said...

Well, they have the photographer's name scrawled across the middle of them - it's a little obnoxious, which is why I haven't put any up on facebook. Once John hooks up our scanner, I can post a few of the smaller ones we bought (since the larger are now framed, as you can see...)

Denae said...

I had that same problem with the hair cut I got just before Valentines Day. Cute as can be the first 2 days. Now it's back in a pony, with a few clips helping because it is too short. Frustrating. I do think you are super cute though. As always.
Also wanted to note that I saw those wedding pics in person and they are stunning! LOVE them!