Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I got tired of waiting for my contributor's copy, so I decided to purchase my own copy of this book:

And voila!

I can't wait to go home and look at it.

I also purchased an anthology from Australia today - it's gotten extremely high reviews, but it's only available there for some reason, this little anthology of novellas called X6. Shipped from so far away, I think $44 is a good deal, considering so many American anothos even at Borders are at least $20.

I'm nearly just as excited to read those stories as I am to go home and look at Light Stones in print. Getting a novella published is my next goal, although I suppose I need to write a good one. Maybe I should start with a novelette. Like Braeberry Street, which will go through one more revision after tax season.


Michele O. said...

Look at you!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Erin Stocks said...

Michele! I miss you!!!! I owe you an email. And I want one from you! :)

Malia said...


Samantha said...

You are published?!!? That is fabulous! Congratulations, Lady.