Sunday, March 7, 2010

Steampunk and french bread

Two lovely loaves of French bread today: one for John, and one for a woman at work. I get such pleasure out of the supple, soft dough, kneading it, how moldable it is under my wrists and hands and fingers - the texture is thrilling, how I could shape it into whatever I want to make of it. And the smell - so fragrant and fresh. John says these were the best loaves yet, but he says that with almost each new kind of bread I make, and these I've made several times before. Perhaps I know how to do it, finally.

I braved the misty weather for a run on the dam, which was also lovely. I haven't run there since I first injured that pesky Achilles tendon, and wouldn't you know, it started acting up again - and I believe it could be the slant of the running path. Hopefully I didn't overcompensate this time.

And since I ran, I am allowing myself more of Scottish Graeme's Talisker. We have to get through the bottle anyway, so then I can go purchase all of Scottish Ilan's recommendations.

Also, I couldn't have been MORE wrong about Cherie Priest's Boneshaker. What on earth was I thinking, dreading it? That woman has put in more enticing hooks than all of VanderMeer's novels combined. There are STEAMPUNK ZOMBIES in it. I devoured the first fifty pages last night. I'm going to force myself to read the new Locus issue before I pick up the book again, and then work my way through some slush submissions, which Kitty has agreed to help with.


Samantha said...

They look lovely.

I'm experimenting with Irish Soda Bread. Various recipes from the "authentic" to the not-so-authentic. The last ones were pretty good. From using caraway seeds (they have such a specific flavor, I can never tell if I REALLY like them or not) to raisins. The one in the oven is "authentic" and the only addition is the caraway. We'll see. So smells yummy.

Erin Stocks said...

Good for you, Sammy! I've seen lots of recipes for that bread, but I haven't tried it yet...maybe with soup? I adore carraway seeds. Especially in a good rye.

Malia said...

I love the picture of kitty. Such a sweetie.

Erin Stocks said...

I think he keeps expecting it to be warm, like your laptop, but of course it never is...