Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Honky McHonkerton and his eight children

Buddy: "Please don't take my bone, Mom. Please don't take it. I know you want to, but it's mine and you can't have it. Please don't take it."

Kitty: "I can't be bothered with you humans. I'm far too tired."

More geese babies this year! Lots of them. The other geese couple only has two, but this family has nine babies. Busy, busy. And they're growing up so fast. I managed to get a couple pictures through the back screen door. These are for you, Shan.

And then Daddy saw me. And Mommy. This is the moment before I got honked at, and potentially attacked, had I not closed the screen door quickly. No messing around here.


Shan said...

Oh soooo cute! Mommy and daddy look yummy!

Malia said...

These pictures are just too cute for words. I want to squeeeeeze ALL of them to death.

John said...

She's not kidding either, this particular couple is very protective of their babies, especially after a certain dog of mine thought it would be a grand idea to try and chase the Dad into the pond. Dad flew right at Buddy and pecked at him. Buddy thought it was a game and proceeded to continue his chase. At the end of the battle, Mr.Goose retreated.

Buddy: 1 ---- Mr.Goose: 0