Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kitty Fort

John and the cat have a special relationship. John likes to put things on the cat - whatever is nearby. The remote, the xbox controller, pillows, my shoes, towels, etc., and usually Kitty will have nothing to do with it.

But we've been keeping Kitty out of the bedroom lately, since John can sleep better without less cat hair on the comforter, naturally, and now Kitty makes a mad dash for the bed and his favorite spot (right by my head) the minute the door opens. He did this just now, and John built the biggest kitty fort on top of him yet, complete with hand towels, tennis shoes, and pillows.

Kitty wasn't giving up his spot.

Tonight, we get to see John's family again - the Aunties & Grandma are in town for his sister Jen's graduation, which was last night, and tonight we're all going out. It's really good to have family near, even if it's new family for me. And I get to see my girls next weekend, too, which I'm SO excited about!

9 months of marriage today. 9 months of Mom being gone, yesterday. It's gone so fast - makes me wonder what I've done with myself for that long.

Oh, and the BEST insight yet about why LOST has been the hottest mess this season. A very insightful (and maybe brilliant) blog entry. She's 100% right, in my opinion, and now I must buy Palimpsest, just because of that.


Malia said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Cutest thing ever!!!

The Scotts said...

You are missed so much. Are you going to be in Chicago next weekend? or did you mean something else by "girls"? I would drive up to see you maybe if you were going to be in town. Happy belated birthday.

Steve said...

I'm going to completely disagree with you on that Lost post (not about the mess of S6, but on the why of it).

Lost never, ever had any SF rigor, particularly in the S5 time-jumping. Mostly because Lost is a network tv show, which means its always about the next commercial break, but even more importantly, because they didn't know which actors would be available from season to season (aside from their core 5). Try planning ahead when you don't know what characters will be available to you...

Erin Stocks said...

Hmmm, Steve, that's reasonable. And a different world of writing, too, I suppose.