Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sourdough Starter day 5

It's growing!

Look at all those bubbles! It even smells like delicious bread, as opposed to terrible ass.

When it doubles in size between feedings, ideally in only 8 hours as opposed to 12, then I've raised a proper hydration starter.

We'll see how much it grows tomorrow. Perhaps I may be able to make a real sourdough loaf this weekend. Which I can't wait for - this week is killing me. Nothing like sitting next to your boss for 6 out of 8 hours of your workday as you try to figure out how the hell this new system works. I'm losing my mind.

And all I want to do is work on Stone Lake revisions, which are going swimmingly.

It's lightninging out--we really need the rain--and I need to go to bed, because we're going running in the morning.


John said...

I want to eat it!

Erin Stocks said...


Why don't you go take a bite of it as is? See how that tastes?

John said...

Wow, it's really good!

Erin Stocks said...

I don't believe you! You didn't do it.

John said...

I did - it was a little slimy and gross, but it actually tasted like sourdough!

Erin Stocks said...


John said...

Kidding, I didn't actually eat any