Saturday, June 12, 2010

My baby's done growed up

Look how big they are! They're in their ugly teenage years. You can almost see the acne.

This is another family (below) - the members of each seem to decrease every week. Sad. There were another 2 families swimming in the water, too, but I figured 12 pictures of geese just sitting there might be unnecessary.

So many big birdies!

And then the coconut cream stout, by the Battered Boar Brewing Company. Delicious. It will go with our meal, on our first grill! Hurray!

And Kitty is pondering what the beer might taste like. He did drink some Blue Moon out of the bottle cap once, back at 1350 N. Kedzie.

The Brits know what they're doing

I wanted to try something new and fun this morning - fresh English muffins. They were surprisingly easy, and the best I've ever had, and great fun to see the dough go from this... this, after rising, then cutting them out, then rising again... dusting them with semolina flour & cooking them 7 minutes on each side on a griddle (!!! who knew?!!!)...

...and then to the below.

Absolutely fantastic.

It's been a crazy-busy week with writing. Thanks to two hardcore critters, Deadbells is now 'Child of Fortune, Child of Labor,' and is on its fifth revision and nearly ready for OWW. I've never written anything like it before, and it's exciting and scary as hell.

Today, we're caving in and buying a grill. A cheap one, in case someone wants to walk off with it when we're not home. Then I'm going to make the myriad of chicken recipes in this month's Bon Appetit because they look phenomenal. And when John's friend DJ gets here, we're going to have the chocolate peanut-butter cookies AND the blackberry cake, carbs be damned.