Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kitty Fort

John and the cat have a special relationship. John likes to put things on the cat - whatever is nearby. The remote, the xbox controller, pillows, my shoes, towels, etc., and usually Kitty will have nothing to do with it.

But we've been keeping Kitty out of the bedroom lately, since John can sleep better without less cat hair on the comforter, naturally, and now Kitty makes a mad dash for the bed and his favorite spot (right by my head) the minute the door opens. He did this just now, and John built the biggest kitty fort on top of him yet, complete with hand towels, tennis shoes, and pillows.

Kitty wasn't giving up his spot.

Tonight, we get to see John's family again - the Aunties & Grandma are in town for his sister Jen's graduation, which was last night, and tonight we're all going out. It's really good to have family near, even if it's new family for me. And I get to see my girls next weekend, too, which I'm SO excited about!

9 months of marriage today. 9 months of Mom being gone, yesterday. It's gone so fast - makes me wonder what I've done with myself for that long.

Oh, and the BEST insight yet about why LOST has been the hottest mess this season. A very insightful (and maybe brilliant) blog entry. She's 100% right, in my opinion, and now I must buy Palimpsest, just because of that.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 2, with tornadoes

Another Oklahoma tornado day, complete with drenching rain and hail, and a terrified 100-lb dog. Terrified. So terrified that he goes upstairs and hides in the bathroom, even when John and the cat, who is the love of his life, are downstairs. It's hilarious.

The cat, meanwhile, cannot be bothered with trivial things like storms.

Day 2 of Shredding - it is NO fun to do jumping jacks and butt kicks and squats ten minutes after you roll out of bed. No fun at all. Miserable, in fact.

28 more days to go.

I also got a personal rejection of Braeberry Street from Asimov's yesterday. Personal. The editor liked it; it just wasn't right for them, which I had a feeling it wouldn't be. Now I just need to find something else that is - which I'm hoping is Deadbells, although that story is just so complicated, and long that it's taking more time than I wish it would. Will I learn patience eventually? Who knows.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I have jumped on the Jillian Michaels bandwagon with the rest of the world, mostly because I'm curious as to how my body responds. 30 days of her shredding workouts? Why not? Let's just see what happens. It can only be good, although I'm sure by day 4 I'll be irritated at it. But for a 25 minute workout, I really can't complain? Goooo, Team Amy, Malia & Erin! 'Cause I can't do this unless they're suffering with me.

Plus, I want her arms.

But I'm not going to talk about it too much - that would be boring. I'd rather talk about the most amazing loaf of herb bread ever...the real reason why I need to do this 30 days....

...and that fact that the largest geese family now only has 8 babies. Where's the 9th? Maybe he got swept up in the tornado winds last week. I suppose it's a fact of life, but it makes me so sad. Poor little family. (There are only seven babies in the picture, but that's the photographer's fault. The eighth is hanging out with Daddy. Also, aren't they so much bigger than last week?!)