Friday, July 16, 2010

A meat-free life

The juicing thing has allowed John and I to both drop weight easily (easily, meaning if the fact that you're hungry far more than you're not doesn't drive you mad with irritability first), despite a few off nights. It's led me to think about what being a vegetarian might be like. Amazingly enough, I don't think I need meat to survive. I'd be perfectly happy with beans and eggs and cheese and amazing protein powders like this one - look at all the great stuff in it! (At least until we find out in ten years what's wrong with stevia). And it's hardly sweet at all, either, which is actually quite refreshing. Anyway, vegetarianism, although I'll be avoiding the tofu, mostly, because soy is no good for my jacked-up hormones.

In my quest to avoid all the crits I need to do for both the Fragments and OWW, as well as my own hapless revisions, I stumbled on this ad of Pam Anderson for PETA, which yes, I'm re-posting here.

Honestly, I think it's a fantastic ad. She's right. PETA's right, even though it's all a bit creepy. And now I feel bad about my happy meat-eating life, which isn't helped by both Kitty and Buddy passed out next to me - Kitty on the desk in front of the keyboard, Buddy on the floor next to my chair - and the fact that they have all these body parts, too. I would never in a million years eat them, even though I warn them that if they don't do some cleaning around here I'm going to snack on their haunches. Doesn't it change anything if my cows are grass-fed and free-range? Happy chickens and pigs?

I'm going to go juice some watermelon and green apple and ginger for breakfast, I think, and make a loaf of bread for John, later. No meat for me today. Poor animals.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've never cared much for beets, probably because of the diet back in high school that I only did once, but ruined me forever. Apparently, you could lose 10 lbs in 3 days if you ate only a handful of things for those 3 days, including cottage cheese, canned beets, canned peaches, and something else, maybe Saltines? Anyway, the beets made me vomit, which is really how I lost weight. Since then, just the idea of beets has made me queasy. Charlie redeemed them for me a bit with his wonderful array of roasted vegetables, including golden beets, red beets, turnips, different squashes and onions, etc., but I haven't done too much with them by myself.

Then Krista mentioned the other day that she was juicing beets, since she's doing the juicing thing with John and I (which is going very well). So I decided to give beets a shot, and bought a lovely bunch at the store two days ago. Today, I experimented with them, and thought I'd take a few pictures.

This is what I started with:

And this is what I got:

Beautiful, but beyond beety, even with the celery and cucumber and spinach, far more than I could handle. I added a grapefruit, and more celery, and finally an apple. Voila - a breakfast I can choke down.

I think I'll make John a loaf of bread tonight.